Welcome to Linking Angels!

Welcome to Linking Angels!

By: Michael Nessa

Welcome! I founded Linking Angels in 2014. I love giving and participating in Random Acts of Kindness. Along the way I have been introduced to so many absolutely wonderful non-profit organizations. I just love to see small organizations come together to help society in amazing ways.

The ultimate mission of Linking Angels? To make donations in the amount of $100,000 to really awesome non-profit organizations.

Here’s how we get there: I ask for people to nominate small non-profit organizations that do amazing work. I then review the nominations, paying special attention to organizations that are creative, fun, dynamic, and could really use a $100,000 donation. I select 20 organizations and then we vote. After 30 days, the organization with the most votes wins and becomes our “selected organization”.

Once the voting is over the donating starts. We find 5,000 people willing to donate $20 and boom! we have our $100,000 donation.

I like to keep things very simple and I’ve done that with Linking Angels. The only rule that is written in stone is that the organization must have 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. While reviewing the nominations I look at how big the organization is, what their administrative costs are, and how our donation will be put to use. I am specifically geared towards small to medium sized organizations because I want our donation to have a major impact.

Anne Christmas

Michael Nessa

That’s what Linking Angels is all about. Now a bit about the person behind Linking Angels. Me! I currently live in Fargo, North Dakota but my heart is in San Francisco and I am slowly but surely making my way out there. I lead an absolutely incredible life and I am blessed in so many ways. I am 32 years old and officially I am retired but that just means that I have tons of free time to do fun projects such as Linking Angels.

I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and in 2006 I started Progressive Alternatives, a social service agency for developmentally disabled adults. It was the coolest job in the world. We helped adults maintain their independence in the community so they weren’t forced into larger group homes or even worse, institutions. In 2007 my friend and I started Greenelight Workforce, a vocational provider for developmentally disabled adults. The retirement part? In February of 2011 I sold Progressive Alternatives to a really cool employee who has taken the company and ran with it. I couldn’t be more proud.

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2013 Dazzled by Downs

In 2013 I started Mirror Calendars: People Like Me. Each year I produce a Dazzled by Downs calendar that features people who just happen to have Down’s Syndrome. It’s a fun little project. We are just finishing up the 2016 calendar right now.

I also run a company that specializes in helping people to discover their spiritual sides and incorporate spirituality into their every day lives.

I told you, I get to have lots of fun!

I have other projects on the back burner. Right now my focus is on getting Linking Angels up and running.

Chelsea and Taylor

Chelsea & Taylor

Besides fun projects I also love my dogs Chelsea and Taylor. I am a frenetic reader and normally finish a book within a day. I am never more than two feet from my iPhone. I cannot recall nor do I wish to recall life before the Internet. I have a love affair with my DVR and have I mentioned that my heart is in San Francisco? There are fewer things in this world that I love more than the Golden Gate Bridge.

I want to give a quick shout-out to my website designer, Stef. She has been my partner in crime for many years and is an amazing website designer. She can move mountains PLUS she can put up with me! If you are ever looking for a website designer feel free to e-mail me and I will connect you with Stef. I also want to give a shout-out to Stephen Jones who is my Marketing Consultant on a variety of my projects. Stephen is intelligent, funny, talented, analytical, and all around wonderful. If you are looking for writing or marketing help, Stephen is your man. Stef and Stephen are my heroes. Without them I wouldn’t be able to accomplish nearly the things I do. I am forever indebted to them.

If you ever have any questions about Linking Angels feel free to e-mail me at: michael.andrew.nessa@gmail.com.

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